Sunday , February 25 2018

Once you are a Presidential candidate, you are property of state security

We consider the importance of every candidate to the nation. The fact that you are campaigning as a presidential candidate, and the IEBC has given you the mandate, makes you automatically become the property of state security. You are no longer a private citizen. Therefore it’s the government’s responsibility to provide you with security, because you are a person attached to the existence, ability, peace and stability of the nation.

Notwithstanding what anybody thinks about that person, the fact that you are a presidential candidate means that if anything happens to your person today, the ratings of this country’s stability, security and safety of the citizens will seriously be downgraded. We are not looking at what people think: We are looking at the critical space that this person is creating for himself or herself and the fact that the country and the commission have it seen proper to give him or her the opportunity to campaign for the presidency.

The moment you accept to run for the highest public office in this country then you must also surrender some of your privacy that you have been enjoying. You will wait until that time you are removed from this position (Candidate), either through being elected to become President or losing in the polls.

We cannot say a specific number of people should be assigned to any candidate. It is the responsibility of the National Security Council to always determine the merits and demerits of the threat levels in a country. When the threat levels have been determined, they also recommend what needs to be accorded to the presidential candidate during the campaign period. We don’t have a standard rule. It’s determined by analysing the threat levels of the country and impact on the country if something bad happens during the campaign period. The repercussions and threat levels will determine how many people a candidate is supposed to have at home, when travelling and/or for the people around you.
Until you are nominated by a political party, you are a private citizen. The moment you become a candidate, on the advice of the National Intelligence Service and police, every position deserves public security. All candidates are public property.

Every level of public leadership must be given public protection. Every position deserves protection.

The government must have a policy document to spell out what needs to be done.

Werunga is a security expert

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