Sunday , February 25 2018

Are Muscle Building Supplements REALLY Safe? : Experts Separate Facts From Fiction

Most people know creatine as the supplement religiously taken by gym buffs seeking to enhance their already bulging muscles.

But in fact, the amino acid could help keep the elderly stay strong – preventing sprains and falls  as well as ensuring a baby develops properly.

Researchers at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Victoria, Australia, said test results claiming it causes kidney problems have been overblown – and is has unfairly been linked to the renal damage that killed rugby league star, Jonah Lomu.

They went ahead and explained the latest research around the supplement, what it is and who should take it. It plays an important role in bodily tissues where energy levels quickly rise and fall, such as muscle. Creatine acts as a short sharp burst of energy to recharge our cells and also moves energy around the cell – from where it is generated to where it is needed.

As the name suggests, creatine is naturally found in flesh and is acquired through a diet rich in fish, meat and other animal products such as dairy. As creatine is important for all cells to function, our body also makes its own.

A diet containing animal products can account for 50 per cent of daily creatine requirements, with the other 50 per cent being made by the body. Those on an animal-free diet will naturally have a higher burden placed on the body to meet the daily requirement.

However, under normal circumstances, a healthy person can maintain adequate levels even if they choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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